Wednesday, May 28, 2008

If you pass the Big Chicken, you've gone too far...

Doug and I spent Memorial day weekend visiting his sister's family in Atlanta. We got to meet 10-week-old Emma, who actually seemed happy enough to be eaten by a squid. Here's the pattern for the nifty squid hat. It's a pretty fun, quick was a race to see if I could finish the last half of it on the drive down to Atlanta. I finished stitching on his last eye just minutes before we arrived!

And LM and John win super extra best host points for enabling my need to visit weird roadside attractions. They took us to see the BIG CHICKEN! We also took Emma on her first hike at Kennesaw Mountain and then shot her from a cannon to commemorate the event. :) Isn't she a cutie?

Besides having a wonderful time visiting with Doug's family, we also rounded out the trip by getting all sorts of National Park Passport stamps...Kennesaw National Battlefield Park, Audubon Acres on the Trail of Tears Historic trail (complete with poison ivy, stinging nettles and ticks!), and finally a nexus of stamps at Stones River National Battlefield!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Trail Run and Camping

Fiona and I went up to Pickney State Park. It's a pretty area, and we learned from last year to reserve camp sites far from the hustle and bustle of weekend partiers. We had a nice fire, hung out on a beautiful friday, and then the next day, did the 5 mile trail run!

My GPS says it looked like this:

The rolling green is the elevation -- the trails were on hils, and the 30 minute mark felt like a mountain.
But, the day was beautiful, and we rested afterwards, staring at the lake and hearing the bullfrogs. Fiona is too polite to mention it, but she beat me by 1 second!
(In retrospect, running 13.1 miles the next day turned out to be a mistake)