Monday, March 24, 2008

Successful yogis

We did it! Doug and I successfully completed that 30 day Resolution Revolution Yoga Challenge. He has become positively bendy and I have become...well...bendier. And stronger!

It turns out that 30 days of yoga or pilates was pretty challenging. I definitely questioned the sanity of training for runs at the same time--5k & 5 mile trail run for me and a few mini-marathons for Doug. And we shouldn't forget about dance classes that we took in the last month. The weekend with yoga/pilates, running, Fountain Square Swing dance Friday night and a Saturday Blues dance workshop and nighttime dance just about killed me. But in a good way! It was totally worth it when we also managed to trick Valerie and Darren into joining us for an early morning yoga that Sunday morning.

While I'm glad the challenge is finally done, I did celebrate my second yoga-free day by doing yoga! Chances are that I'll continue with my yoga practice more often, but probably not 7 days a week. Doug claims that he'll still be doing yoga in the future as well.

And for a little plug, we were doing our yoga craziness at Invoke Studio just north of downtown Indy. One of the perks of doing yoga everyday was getting a chance to take classes from just about all of the instructors at the studio. They are all fabulous folks!

Oh, and the training is going well! My longest run yet was 4 miles last Friday, and Doug ran 10 miles tonight. (He's such a show off!)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

25 days

We completed day 25 yesterday. 1 more restorative yoga, 2 more pilates, and 2 more yogas. What could go wrong?

Monday, March 17, 2008

Geocaching Madness

So, what was I doing in the coldest day of January? Curled beneath a nice warm blanket in front of a roaring fire? Nope! I was outside with my crazy friends geocaching.

This particular geocaching escapade took place after Lindy & Balboa dance weekend in Dayton, OH. A little punchy after 2 days of workshops, Valerie & Darren led us on a wild trek near the Mad River and Dayton Mall to find a bazillion caches on the coldest day of the year. It was very fun. And COLD!

For years, I've had a little bit of a bias against geocaching. My first real exposure to it, was a geocache that was located on a Nature Conservancy preserve, and reaching it involved rappelling (against TNC rules on our preserves) down a cliff that was populated with an rare plant.

However, I've gotten over it. Mostly because geocaching is way fun! And silly! And requires a little sneakiness. :)

(This post has been hiding out in my drafts since January. Thought I'd finally finish it and get it out here)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Dreams of 14 year old girls

I recently got a call from a longtime friend. I've known Meredith since freshman year of high school and along with Renee, the three of us were fairly inseparable. Renee also wins the longest friend prize, we went to preschool together! Anyway, we were drama and choir nerds together, ran amok, got in trouble, and were general silly, best friends all through high school.

Meredith called to ask me to be in her wedding this fall, along with Renee and her sisters. This made me flash back to sleep-overs where we planned our weddings and how we'd all be in the other's weddings. :) It's a weird and wonderful thing that it's actually happening 20 years later.