Sunday, February 17, 2008

30 Day Yoga Challenge!

Bring it!

(Update: Fiona and I are on our 15th day. We're both fully recovered, and enjoying it immensely. Fiona has been taking additional yoga so that she'll never have to take another pilates class. We'll see if she succeeds in her goal.)

(Update: As expected, being healthy has made getting to the 21st day easy. Only 1 more restorative yoga left. :( )

Friday, February 15, 2008

15 minutes of fame....err...maybe 30 seconds?

Yesterday, my co-worker Ellen and I went to our usual lunchtime yoga session. We were surprised to find a news crew there. Our yoga studio has a promotion running right now called"Resolution Revolution", which is essentially a challenge to attend a yoga or pilates class every day for 30 days. The news crew was there to interview a woman who is on her 25th day in the program.

And Ellen and I got our 30 seconds of fame doing yoga on the news. :)

I've finally figured out that I could actually be in Indianapolis for 30 days if I were crazy enough to start the program next week. I may have even convinced Doug to join me. Mwhahahahaha.

On a sad note, while I was anxiously awaiting my yoga debut on the news last night, I caught the breaking news on the shooting at Northern Illinois University. Since my niece, Tiernen, goes to NIU, I started the phone tree to make sure she was okay. No answer from Tiernen, no one home at Siobhan's (my sister, her mom), no answer from Siobhan's cell...and I was dialing her dad, I was immensely relieved to see a call coming in from Siobhan. She had already talked to Tiernen, and she was alright.

I'm relieved that my funny, wonderful niece is safe, but I'm so sorry for the poor victims, and their families and friends.