Monday, May 4, 2009

Not just a giant hole in the mud anymore!

Yay! The pond is finished! Progressive photos of the project can be found in the album.

It took the guys from Cool Ponds about 3 days to finish the installation. And with Doug's help, it's taken 3 very long weekend days and several weeknights after work to get the rest of the yard in order.

On the completed list:
  • Flagstone path between house and garage
  • Stone path to patio
  • Stepping stones around strawberry bed by the garage
  • Rebuilt poor, abused sod couch into Lawn Armchair (mostly done, still need to buy a roll of sod to finish)
  • Cleaned gutters
  • Built & installed 2nd rain barrel
  • Got koi & goldfish for the pond
  • Lots of mulching done
  • Finished planting redesigned front prairie bed
  • Finished redesigning & turning the veggie beds
  • Bought a new fire dish (to replace the ponded-over fire pit)
On the still to be finished list:
  • Find a contractor to finish fencing the yard
  • Plant the rest of the veggie garden
  • Buy sod to finish up the lawn furniture remodel
  • Prettify the compost bins
  • Finish moving the rest of the dirt from the pond excavation
  • Plant grass seed around the flagstone path and the nook behind the pond
  • Finish planting marginals in the pond
  • Create & plant the 2 bog beds around the pond
  • Get the cannas & elephant ear tubers out of the basement & plant
  • Buy & install a bit more lighting for the pond
  • Dig back the mulch & re-edge the pebble patio with bricks
  • When the first rain barrel gets empty, raise it up on another level of cinder blocks & paint it (no more bright blue barrel!)
  • Get some flower seeds planted around the yard
  • Finish more landscaping around the pond
  • Continue redesigning the front prairie planting to be more acceptable to the lawn police
  • Get the chipper back to the shop to see why it's STILL not running (Sigh)
  • Convince the City of Indianapolis that the prairie planting in the front yard is not weeds
Whew. The "to do" list seems entirely too long. I'm tired already!