Sunday, February 17, 2008

30 Day Yoga Challenge!

Bring it!

(Update: Fiona and I are on our 15th day. We're both fully recovered, and enjoying it immensely. Fiona has been taking additional yoga so that she'll never have to take another pilates class. We'll see if she succeeds in her goal.)

(Update: As expected, being healthy has made getting to the 21st day easy. Only 1 more restorative yoga left. :( )


Priscilla said...

Are you really starting? GREAT!
Go Fiona!
Super proud!

I'd like to try a challenge like this myself... Think about it!

Fionasol said...

For folk who are confused by the cheerleader image, don't blame me! :) This was a post by Doug accepting the the yoga challenge I threw at him. (The pic is from the terrible cheerleader movie "Bring It On!")