Monday, March 24, 2008

Successful yogis

We did it! Doug and I successfully completed that 30 day Resolution Revolution Yoga Challenge. He has become positively bendy and I have become...well...bendier. And stronger!

It turns out that 30 days of yoga or pilates was pretty challenging. I definitely questioned the sanity of training for runs at the same time--5k & 5 mile trail run for me and a few mini-marathons for Doug. And we shouldn't forget about dance classes that we took in the last month. The weekend with yoga/pilates, running, Fountain Square Swing dance Friday night and a Saturday Blues dance workshop and nighttime dance just about killed me. But in a good way! It was totally worth it when we also managed to trick Valerie and Darren into joining us for an early morning yoga that Sunday morning.

While I'm glad the challenge is finally done, I did celebrate my second yoga-free day by doing yoga! Chances are that I'll continue with my yoga practice more often, but probably not 7 days a week. Doug claims that he'll still be doing yoga in the future as well.

And for a little plug, we were doing our yoga craziness at Invoke Studio just north of downtown Indy. One of the perks of doing yoga everyday was getting a chance to take classes from just about all of the instructors at the studio. They are all fabulous folks!

Oh, and the training is going well! My longest run yet was 4 miles last Friday, and Doug ran 10 miles tonight. (He's such a show off!)


David said...

congratulations to both of you! You really lived up to the challenge! Inspirational!!

Kate Calder said...

That's fantastic Fiona! The problem now is that they've got you hooked. Either you'll keep going back, or suffer YOGA WITHDRAWL.

You will need three buckets...

Good job regardless! That back-bend is beautiful.

Fionasol said...

I'm definitely hooked, and have settled on a minimum of 2 yoga sessions per week (but up to 5).

(Yay Kate! More friends reading my blog! And I love checking in with you and Mark on colocalders!)