Monday, July 14, 2008

Petting Catfish

Over the July 4th weekend, we joined our friends Valerie & Darren for some camping in southern Illinois. They were getting some scuba dive certifications at a spring-fed former quarry called Mermet Springs. Doug & I mostly just tagged along to try out our new tent, hike, play games and eat good food!

It turns out the Mermet Springs is also home to some huge, hungry catfish! And they like hotdogs! And while you are distracting them with the hotdog (before they steal the whole thing) you can pet their very soft noses. :)

The quarry is just a few miles from Metropolis, IL, home of the giant Superman Statue. After visiting with him for a bit, Doug and I also wandered down for a hike at Fort Massac State Park. Fort Massac is a restored wooden fort on the Ohio River originally built by the French in the mid 18th century.

Feeling inspired, we also decided to take a run on the trails at the Mermet Lake Conservation Area. Vaguely spooked by this sign, we ended up running on the very sunny (and hot) bluebird trail in a prairie field.

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