Monday, April 25, 2016

Campering Map Journal

I've been playing around with ways to keep track of our campering. Trying it on out Google's "My Maps". I'm a big fan of custom maps, and I've found that My Maps works pretty well. Permissions are a little tricky, unless you have people logging in to their Google accounts. If you don't want log-ins required, it's just easier to make it a public map. But that does mean that anyone on the internet can see it.

It's now possible to view and share these "My Maps" on the Google Maps app for iOS and Android. I don't think it's possible yet to edit the maps, which is a bummer. However, it's been easy enough from the mapping app on my phone, sharing my location point in a text. That text message has the coordinates, which I can later add to the map when I'm at my laptop. Then I can add all the details and pics. A little clunky, but it works.

Click on the points below for more info. Just as a note, I had to set the permissions for this map to be public, so everyone on the internet can see it.


David said...

I love campground reviews! No camping yet in 2016, though, eh?

Fiona Becker said...

This weekend!