Thursday, June 15, 2017

Ridiculous Road Trip #1, Part 14 - Klamath, Crater Lake

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May 30
Our campground on the Williamson River was just a 45 minute drive from Crater Lake National Park, so we headed there in the morning. 

The snow we had seen in Tahoe NF paled in comparison to the 15 foot piles of snow at the Crater Lake Visitors Center.


We drove up as far as the roads were plowed and did a quick walk along the rim above the lake, with me squealing as the snow found its way into my sandals to my bare feet.

Doug did a little climbing to make his mark on the wall of snow. 

He got most of his name there before he slid down. :)

We were amused by the "Please keep off the roof" sign

Then we headed back down out of winter and into spring. We did a quick hike at Wood River.

On our way back home, we stopped at the logging museum across the road from our campground. 

We had some extra days in our schedule so we decided to stay near Klamath for one more day. It's possible the Doug may have decided based on a fishing brochure for nearby Lake of the Woods.  The brochure promised bass in the shallows, perch in the middle of the lake, and catfish below the perch. Doug caught a bass in the shallows, he caught ALL of the perch in the lake, but never managed to find the catfish. 

As Doug fished the early morning, I enjoyed the quiet in the campground and the lovely fragrance the creosote released in the rain. 


Up next, Part 15.

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