Friday, June 30, 2017

Ridiculous Road Trip #1, Part 18 - Mt Rainier

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June 6
On our way to Seattle, we detoured to visit Mount Rainier National Park. We entered the park on the west side, headed to Paradise! 

And we decided to hike, on the snow, 10 feet above the Skyline Trail. I made it a mile up, with 700 feet of elevation. And I took lots of photos of the gorgeous snowy, mountainy scenery.

Doug made it significantly further, up to Panorama Point. It's probably about 2 miles, with a 1300 foot elevation gain. 

As Doug victoriously got to Panorama Point, he took photos, reveled in the amazing vistas, and then looked back down the "trail" he'd climbed up. And then realized that he was going to have to hike back down the snowy, slippery, really steep slope of snow. On the advice of a knowledgeable snowbunny, Doug decided to try the "butt toboggan" trails. He survived the fast trip down to the less steep slopes, with a very wet butt and VERY cold hands.

An hour after I got back down, Doug safely and tiredly made it back.

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