Monday, July 3, 2017

Ridiculous Road Trip #1, Part 23 - Miracle of America Museum, National Bison Range, Overnighting.

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June 16-17
We had two day to drive to Yellowstone National Park. As we made our way, Doug was fascinated with billboards for the Miracle of America Museum. As we drove through Polson, MT, we drove right by it. And decided that it was too good to pass up, so we turned back. We needed to wait 30 minutes for it to open, so we restocked our pantry at the nearby grocery store while we waited. Then we entered the awesome weirdness of this museum.

Look for me in the UFO!

Please note the cauldron of legs

From there we headed to the National Bison Range. We dropped the camper in the visitor center parking lot, and took the long winding road through the range. It was great-- we saw bison, mule deer, elk, pronghorns, and meadowlarks.

Then we headed on to Butte, MT. Since these were just quick stops on the way to Yellowstone, we were doing free overnights in parking lots. In Butte, we stayed at the Walmart. We had a quiet, uneventful night.

The next morning, we took in the sights of Butte. We went to the World Museum of Mining, we got some much needed haircuts, and then we hiked along the Continental Divide trail at the Pipestone Pass.

Then we headed closer to Yellowstone, ending up at a truckstop for the night in Three Forks, MT.

Doug wanted to note, that there is something surreal about starting a morning by jogging down a farm road, and having a hill full of cows all giving him the side-eye.

Then we headed into Yellowstone and what turned out to be our favorite National Park of this trip.

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