Monday, July 3, 2017

Ridiculous Road Trip #1, Part 24 - Yellowstone, Bison, Geysers, Hot Springs

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June 18
Before we even got into the main entrance of Yellowstone, we had some excitement. On the highway, the car in front of us slowed down, to let a bear cross the road. As the bear walked along the edge of the road just twenty feet from my window, we could tell it was a grizzly. It was REALLY EXCITING! And at our next stop, we picked up a can of Bear Pepper Spray, just in case.

Then we went through the main entrance and immediately saw part of the Yellowstone bison herd.

And obviously some of the tourists didn't get the memo about safe distances from bison. They may have deserved to be trampled. 

On the way to our campground, we stopped at Old Faithful and the cluster of geysers around it.

After Old Faithful blew its stack, we headed out to go to the campground. And were amused as we passed through the parking lot, to find a conspiracy of ravens opening up the saddlebags on some motorcycles.

Then we headed out toward the middle of Yellowstone and made it to our campground at Grant Village.

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