Monday, July 3, 2017

Ridiculous Road Trip #1, Part 27 - Eastern Wyoming, Bear Butte

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June 22
We left Yellowstone early and drove through the beautiful mountains.

And found a really big chair for Doug to sit in.

And we discovered that the eastern part of Wyoming is as gorgeous as the western part, but in a different way.

And we saw this freaky weird 5 story nightmare cabin.

Then we were lured by a roadside store. And we picked up a souvenir to remind us of Yellowstone.

We spent the night near Sturgis, ND, at Bear Butte State Park. We arrived just early enough to hike to the top of the very steep, rocky butte. And to say hello to some new bison.

It's also possible that in my usual klutziness, I may have tripped on very sharp and rocky section of the trail. It's also possible that I had some very impressive bruises and cuts, but didn't manage to kill myself or mangle any joints. If you want to see the photo of the scary bruises, you'll have to message me. :)

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